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Toonik Tyme – the 50th annual spring celebration in Iqaluit

January 29th, 2015 | By

Tour-Iqaluit-Festivals-ThumbnailEveryone here at Tour Iqaluit is looking forward to the 50th annual Toonik Tyme Festival. We’ve blocked off April 2 to 6, 2015 on our calendar. We’re polishing the vans, shining up the snowmobiles and dusting off our finest parkas.

We have affordable weekend getaways for visitors from the South

If your visitors fly up from Ottawa on April 3 and fly home on April 5, they will pay $1516 including taxes and fees per person. You know how much a flight from Ottawa normally costs. Well our price includes – yes, you read that right – includes 2 nights hotel lodging, airport transfers, and an orientation tour of Iqaluit. When we say affordable weekend getaway to Iqaluit- we mean affordable weekend getaway!

And optional activities during Toonik Tyme

Perhaps you do not have enough snowmobiles to take your visitors out on the land when they come? We have snowmobile packages that you can book online! You can book snowshoe adventures online too.

How long has it been since you’ve tried traditional dog-sledding? We have dog-sledding experiences that can be booked online as well.

We are open for business during the Toonik Tyme festival. We recommend, however, that you book your snowmobiles, snowshoeing or weekend getaway packages early. Space is limited during a special event like the 50th anniversary Toonik Tyme festival.