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Special Events in Iqlauit – From February to December

July 17th, 2015 | By

Special Events by the calendar month

Matthew Henson in 1910

Matthew Henson in 1910

February – Iqaluit celebrates Black History Month by displays of African and Caribbean Art in public places. Matthew Henson is arguably the most famous African-American Arctic explorer.

April – Toonik Tyme started in 1965, growing annually. Visitors can watch snowmobile races on sea ice; seal-skinning contests; and traditional Inuit games during the week long celebration of spring.

June – Alianait Arts Festival occurs in the last week in June. Music, storytelling, circus arts, dance, theatre and the visual arts are all on display.

July – July is a busy month in Iqaluit. The long summer days are essential to cram all the fun! Canada Day and Nunavut Day – celebrating the founding of the nation and the territory. During Canada’s Parks Day, Iqaluit celebrates traditional tea making, its Elders, story-telling and barbecuing, tattooing, and creepy bugs. A perfect summer day in a park. The Nunavut Arts Festival spotlights the city’s lively artistic community.

September – Run for a great cause through Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park as part of the national Terry Fox Run. Also in September is the Annual Nunavut Trade Show. Get to know the movers and shakers that drive the economy of Nunavut.

October – Iqaluit celebrates Halloween with a youth event. Costumes are welcome in the pubs and bars. Be careful of the haunted house.

December – Santa Clause parades through the streets of Iqaluit in early December, marking the beginning of the holiday season. The Qaumakuluit Decorating Contest is the reason Iqaluit lights up after dark during December. The last week in December the annual Christmas games – indoor and outdoor – occur. Musicians and square-dancing are activities for spectators.